Welcome to Drop Your Buffs! Survivor analysis by me, Russell Feathers. An Australian who thinks he has the numbers but is probably about to get his torch snuffed.

Drop Your Buffs! was created in 2016 when it was announced there would finally be another production of Survivor in Australia. More than just a recap of each episode, Drop Your Buffs! is strategic analysis of the great game. A detailed examination of everything that is going on, what could happen, what should happen, and what will happen to each and every tribe and player, posted shortly after each episode airs. Of course, I’m often wrong with my analysis and predictions, but I wholeheartedly encourage discussion and debate in the comments sections. If you disagree with me, don’t just whinge to your cat about it, drop your buffs and get typing!

Shortcuts to Posts

Australian Survivor 2017 Season:

Australian Survivor 2017 – ‘Keeping it Real’ or ‘FANtasy Island’

Australian Survivor 2016 Season:

Lead up to Survivor Australia 2016, pt 1

Lead up to Australian Survivor 2016, pt 2

Wanna know what you’re playing for? Episode 1 – ‘Paradise City’ or ‘Welcome to the Bungle’

Episode 2 – ‘Covert Intelligence?’ OR ‘Spies Like Us’

Episode 3 – ‘Give Chickpeas a Chance’ or ‘Hommusty is the Best Policy’.

Episode 4 – ‘Off The Wall’ or ‘Pete-It’

Episode 5, pt 1 – ‘Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad’ OR ‘You Took the Snail Right Out of My Mouth’

Episode 5, pt 2 – ‘Pick-n-Flick’ OR ‘Get Nicked’

Episode 6 – ‘Exposing Cracks & Licking Rope’ OR ‘Pack Your Ba(g)z’

Episode 7 – ‘Telling Whoppers’ OR ‘Would You Like Lies With That?’

Episode 8 – ‘Stray Kat Strut’ OR ‘Sitting Duck Flap’

Episode 9 – ‘Sharpest Duck in the Barrel’ or ‘Shooting Pencils out of a Case’

Episode 10 – ‘Dish Best Served Cold…’ OR ‘Humble Pie’

Episode 11 – ‘Throwing Challenges’ OR ‘Throwing Challengers Under the Bus’

Episode 12 – ‘Hatchet Job’ OR ‘Can I Axe You For a Favour?’

Episode 13 – ‘Pigs Might Fly (out of Sam’s esophagus)’ OR ‘Badvantage’

Episode 14 -‘Kate & Conner Say their Vavows’ OR ‘Trust in One Hand, Shit in the Other…’

Episode 15 – ‘Get a Grip on that Pole’ OR ‘Show Us Your Pink Bits’

Episode 16 – ‘Goodies vs Baddies’ OR ‘Fair Game’

Episode 17 – ‘Tea & Sympathy’ OR ‘Jury Duty’

Episode 18 – ‘Get You Out of My Head’ OR ‘Gone a Night Like This’

Episode 19 – ‘Blockheads’ OR ‘Literally(?) Shot Like Sitting Ducks’

Episode 20 – ‘Reunited and it Feels So Good’ OR ‘Let’s Stay Together’

Episode 21 – ‘I’m a Believe-her’ OR ‘Last Train to Brookesville’

Episode 22 – ‘Can’t Quite Get it Up’ OR ‘Can He Pull Off Something Special?’

Episode 23 – ‘Spilling the Beans’ OR ‘I Got a Big Mouth’

Episode 24 – ‘Jek-El & Hyde’ OR ‘Dracu-Lee’

Episode 25 – ‘I Owe You a Big One’ OR ‘Pulling It Off and Winning a Necklace’

Grand Finale – ‘Copping a Spray’ OR ‘Tsunamis and Landslides’  

American Season 33:

Episode 1 – ‘Gen X-Wings vs Millennial Falcons’ OR ‘It’s a TARP!’

Episode 2 – ‘Where There’s a Will There’s a Way’ OR ‘Getting Figgy With It’

Episode 3 – ‘Girls & Boys’ OR ‘Charmless Man’

Episode 4 – ‘Somebody Loses Their Shit Tonight’ OR ‘Lucy Gets Lawless’

Episode 6 – ‘Ditched at the Altar’ OR ‘Fonytail (like figtails but there’s only one tail, I’m sorry)’

Episode 7 – ‘ Don’t Let the Fly Buzz’ OR ‘WHAT!?!?!?’

Episode 9 – ‘Surf and Turf’ OR ‘In a Jar’

(As much as I loved dissecting US season 33, unfortunately life got in the way and I had to suspend writing about it. I’ll be back again in 2017!)


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