Episode 2 – ‘Dancing With Myself’ OR ‘Adam in Chains’

Make sure you have full awareness of the camp so that you have the best shot of finding idols. If you’re yet to read my analysis of episode 1 you can do so here.

Tonight it was all about the idols. Personally I feel that its a little too early in the game to introduce hidden immunity idols. However that’s not what we’re here to talk about today. This analysis is about the game more than it is about the show. And there was plenty of gameplay going on tonight. So let’s settle in to the spyshack and discuss what goes on at the well

Here He Come Now Saying Phony Phony

“Jarrad will you be my wing-man? That would be the breast”

I had no idea what the hell went on in this episode. From the first sniff of this ridiculous idol, we knew we were in for a hectic ride tonight. Firstly, I’ve always loved the idea of a fake idol, so I’m glad someone’s having a crack at it. Here’s why it should never have happened this episode. For me the power of the fake idol is that it can create enough doubt to shift the focus off you when the pressure is on. Even if there is suspicion that you may have an idol it can be enough to get people jumpy enough to not risk voting you. Alternatively you give it to someone gullible enough to believe it’s an idol to gain their trust, influencing them to vote your way, while you stab them in the back. Either way, you use it when your back is against the wall and you need to create some misdirection.

“He may have felt on the out, but so did Kristie episode 2 so we know that feeling on the out is very different to actually having your chicken head on the chicken chopping block…”

The way that AK used it (or MRW, Male Rebel Wilson for those who read yesterday’s analysis), was clumsy, sketchy, and in my mind, ultimately unnecessary. From what I’ve seen, his back was not against the wall. He may have felt on the out, but so did Kristie episode 2 so we know that feeling on the out is very different to actually having your chicken head on the chicken chopping block (or in the chicken killing cone, that’s how I’ve always killed chickens). Speaking of chickens…

Chicken idol!! Who the shit believes such a thing? Well if we’re to believe the way that the show was edited, Jarrad apparently. Enough that the very next scene was Anneliese telling Aimee that the idol exists and that Jarrad has seen it. WOW.

Even if I don’t agree with MRW’s move here, you can’t deny that it hasn’t worked out the way he intended.

Idol Threats


The fact that he was eliminated aside, I don’t know that Adam could have had a worse game tonight. It was a comedy of errors, some of which were under his control, others just bad luck.

Good on him thinking to look for an advantage with the reward, but after that it went downhill. Once he’s seen it, and realises that MRW has also seen it, for me his best move was to pull MRW aside, and come up with a plan to get the clue and find the idol together. I get that their relationship is not great, but this is the point where you suck it up and work with the enemy to gain an advantage. Even if that advantage is just knowing that somebody else has it, that’s power.

Regardless, he decides to get the clue another way, asking his alliance to distract MRW so Adam can get the clue. At least he found a way to do that, but now there’s five or six people that know about an idol clue rather than just two. That’s his next mistake.

Then he decides to go looking for the idol in full view of everyone. Why? There was no rush to get the idol. MRW didn’t have the clue. Not only that, based on the clue content, I don’t think he would have guessed where the idol was. Mistake.

We later learn that his quest is fruitless, so not only has he made everyone paranoid watching him on his hunt, he has nothing to show for it. Knowing that this looks bad he returns to his alliance and tries to convince them to find the idol so that ‘bugalugs’ can’t. So deep is his enmity for MRW that the thought that MRW might get the idol is enough to send him into a panic. In his panic, his plea for help comes off as a guilt trip and a threat to his alliance. Another mistake. This is terrible.

Locky sacrifices the modesty of his tackle box in order to win a…. tackle box

Somehow word gets back to Locky and Ziggy (?), and Adam shows them the clue and they set off for the booty (Locky’s second booty experience this episode). Awaiting them there is only evidence suggesting that somebody has an idol. Adam’s panicked response to this, “vote me off” does the opposite of placating Locky and Ziggy, instead making them more suspicious that he’s playing them. Of all people to have thinking you’re acting suspicious, Locky is the worst. Seemingly he has more tribal influence than anyone else. I suspect that ultimately this stroke of bad luck is what sends Adam home.

(Male) Rebel (Wilson) Yell!


In true MRW fashion he gives more, more, more. Completely overdoing it. Seemingly going utterly over the top by showing off his chicken idol. Then was all over the shop telling Anneliese bullshit about Adam, doing a what looks like a piss poor job of mending his relationship with Jarrad. To paraphrase the true idol of this post, Billy Idol, MRW seemed to be dancing with himself. How he got away with this is beyond me. The only thing I can think is that Adam’s relationships were so damaged, and everyone was so sketchy about cluegate that all trust was eroded. The other take, and the least likely for mine, but the reason I would likely base my decision on were I in that situation is that Adam is simply a bigger threat than MRW. At least with MRW you know that he’s full of shit. Adam on the other hand is a smoother talker and potentially has the ability to influence people. And he’s not as transparent as MRW so you don’t know what he’s thinking.


Has MRW become the tribe’s loveable douchebag? The bullshit artist friend that you keep around because he’s harmless and provides laughs? He’s a regular Chunk from The Goonies. Whatever it is, people don’t seem to think he’s a threat to their game, and I thought the same until he pulled off tonight. Or maybe I’m wrong about that. Peter said during his vote that he thought MRW was a threat but that he had a better social connection with him, and that’s even after the homo question of last episode. This is all just a mystery to me, and I don’t know if that’s because I’m too obtuse to see what’s going on, or MRW is too erratic to pin down or we’re just not being shown enough in the edit to actually get a read on what’s happening. God only knows how MRW managed to get those people to vote against Anneliese, I’d love to hear your thoughts on that (tell me what you think in the comments below).

Shock To The System

When MRW pulled that idol out, I said “YEAH”, yeah, “YEAH”, yeah (OK maybe that’s enough Billy Idol tonight…)

Much like that hairstyle, it’s about time I got off MRW. Even though I didn’t make a Billy Idol on The Wedding Singer joke! But one last thing. Playing the idol for Jarrad. I was blown away when he pulled that idol out. I jumped from the couch like friggin Tom Cruise. When he announced it was for Jarrad…




Why the hell did he do that? Even if he knew the votes weren’t coming his way surely the smarter move is to keep the idol yeah? On reflection, I believe it is actually genius. Now that Adam was gone, and he didn’t play an idol, it would be assumed that someone must have it. Those fingers would be pointed square at MRW. Big target on his “beard” *heavily exaggerated air quotes*. So by giving it to Jarrad, he loses that target and also shows the tribe that he can be considered loyal and trustworthy and a team player. I really like the move. Sure he’s left without an idol, but he may have just won back some trust. Which is arguably more powerful.

Rock the Cradle of Love

Hey little sister who’s your superman?

Before I finish off tonight I need to touch on a burgeoning showmance (ugh, I feel dirty after actually using that particular portmanteau). I’m talking of course about our very own Malcolm and Denise, Henry and Jacqui. I love these two as a duo. I can’t wait to see what the two of them cook up. Quick note on gameplay here, it looked like Zenry (incidentally did anyone else hear Zenry shout out “POWER” to his tribemates during the challenge like some sort of prayer to the yoga gods?) saw the clue before Jacqui did. If that’s the case then again I would argue that the better move here is to keep it to yourself. The less people that know about it and that you’re obligated to the better.

There was a lot going on this episode and I haven’t covered everything, but I’m not satisfied with Locky cheeks, I need some real nudity and so I’m off to watch Game of Boobs. I mean Boob of Thrones. You get the idea. I’ve got nothing else for you, head back to camp.

– Russell Feathers

(Most memes created by Russell Feathers, most everything else and all gifs channel ten)

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting ‘Not AK’! Agree it’s funny as shit. If he wins it would be a refreshing change. I suspect if he’s going to do it though he’s going to have to alter his gameplay somewhat.


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