Australian Survivor 2017

Australian Survivor 2017 cast

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Australian Survivor 2017. ‘Keeping it Real’ or ‘FANtasy Island’.

Episode 1 – ‘Welcome (Back) to the Jungle’ OR ‘Paradise Shitty’

Episode 2 – ‘Dancing With Myself’ OR ‘Adam in Chains’

Episode 3 – ‘Flipping Hell’ OR ‘Cracking The Shifts’

Episode 4 – ‘Nice Guys Finish (4th) Last’ OR ‘Cocky Monster’

Episode 5 – ‘Bye Bye Misfits’ or ‘Bye Bye Miss Fit’

Episode 6 – ‘Running The Show’ OR ‘Smarter Than The Average Yogi’

Episode 7 – ‘Straight Shooting’ or ‘Feeling the Sting’

Episode 8 – ‘Twist and Shout’ OR ‘Getting Ziggy With It’

Episode 9 – ‘Asaga? Strong?’ OR ‘Asaga Blood not Thicker Than Water but Still Bloody Thick’

Episode 10 – ‘Kiss Off’ OR ‘Death of Superman’

Episode 11 – ‘Want to Know What You’re Playing For?’ OR ‘Bog Save the Queen’

Episode 12 & 13 – ‘Exile Island’ OR ‘Buffs Dropped’

Episode 14 – ‘Hidden ImMUTINY Eye-roll’ OR ‘Easiest Option’

Episode 15 – ‘One Night Stand’ OR ‘Gang of Four’

Episode 16 – ‘Payback is a Bub’ OR ‘Summer(Tau) Lovin, Happened So Fast’

Episode 17 – ‘Cookie Alliance Rides Again’ OR ‘Where’s the Jam? Scone by Daylight’

Episode 18 – ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ OR ‘Bubbly O’Riley’

Episode 19 – ‘The Sit Out Bench’ OR ‘Spa Reward’

Episode 20 – ‘Michelle Shocked’ OR ‘Once Bitten, Twice ‘Chelle’

Episode 21 – ‘Buddy System’ OR ‘Getting Wood’

Episode 22 – ‘Think, Quick’ OR ‘Stale, Mate’

Episode 23 – ‘Up All Night To Get Locky’ OR ‘Daft Punk Dumb Jock’

Episode 24 – “Getting Pegged” OR “My T-Bone is the Centrefold”

Episode 25 – ‘T Intersection’ OR ‘Pitt, Stop’

Grand Finale 2017 – The Sea Was Angry That Day My Friends’ OR ‘Easy Big Fella’